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Buick LeSabre

By SYC Staff |

The Buick LeSabre was a full-size car that was engineered first in 1959 and wasn’t retired until 2005. Of course, Buick really didn’t manufacture small or compact models, so each Buick produced in ‘61, including the highly collectible LeSabre Convertible, were all very large cars with very large engines. That tradition continued in the… Read More »

AMC Marlin

By SYC Staff |

With the economy booming in the early ‘60s the average American’s income steadily increased. Auto manufacturers were aware of this, especially AMC who was known for their economy niche. Good economies, however, seldom inspire consumers to run out and purchase economy cars. Even today, the number of full-size pickups sold that year is a… Read More »

Ford Model T

By SYC Staff |

The year 1908 was full of many firsts for the United States. A few on the long list include: Times Square in New York City dropping a giant decorated ball to represent the start of the New Year. The establishment of The Converse Rubber Shoe Company Harvard University taking a vote to establish the… Read More »