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Feb. 21-23, 2019

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March 22-24, 2019

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Car Facts


    Chevrolet EA Master

    Many people believe that the first real automobiles rolled off the assembly line in the 1930s. Before then, cars really were more like horseless carriages. In addition to design innovations, especially in the mid to latter part of the decade, there were a number of technical innovations as well. Higher-end automobiles were quite popular… Read More »


    Chevrolet Bel Air

    The Bel Air may have been one of the first true Chevrolets. After World War II, General Motors wanted to make this division synonymous with practical luxury. The 1957 Bel Air was a good example, It retailed for about $2,200, making it a costly vehicle but not nearly as expensive as some other GM… Read More »


    Chevrolet Corvette

    The unofficial flagship of the division entered production in 1953. It was originally a concept car. Soap Box Derby empresario Myron Clark supposedly came up with the name. He may have borrowed it from the small, sleek, World War II-era warships. The Corvette concept car appeared in 1951. When GIs were in Europe, many… Read More »

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